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martedì 11 dicembre 2012

Fedora - FAD EMEA 2012 - Rheinfelden (Germany)

Hello everyone,

just yesterday I came back from Rheinfelden, a quiet town along the German side of the Rhine, where the FAD EMEA 2012 is held annually.
The Rhine

This year, with Gianluca and Robert, we decided to take part of this event, going to know the international community.

Leaving aside the travel we made (under a blanket of snow), we reached Rheinfelden at dinner time (our departure time was about 3pm) and we meet Gerold, Christoph, Jiri and Fabian who were waiting for us for going to a Pizzeria to eat something.

After dinner we visited our accommodation (thanks Gerold) and then we sat down around a table and talked about various things, drinking a bottle of beer.

We all were tired, so we came to sleep soon.

The FAD EMEA location - very nice

The next day we began to discuss the agenda of the FAD.

In this day, Jens joined us.

First we checked the event list and we made a table of the ones will be held in 2013.
In contrast to other countries, in Italy take place few of them and someone seems to be smaller or fragmented.
We have to do a big work to solve this.

Then we discuss about the budget requests guidelines and their issues; in order to reach a clear and tuned process need more reviews and discussions. Jiri talked about this in the FAmSCo meeting today as well.

We also discussed the swag, new ideas and how to reduce the shipping costs.
The proposal was that the bigger goods don't have to be shipped across borders, because the costs are too high and it's better that the responsible Ambassador in each country takes care of the storage.

We distributed the task to find quotes for new amazing swags for EMEA region.

Lastly we talked about the Ambassador, the inactive ones (the proposal is for a census) and what we can do to get new people in the Project (this will be discussed in the next future).

The summary is also in the e-mail sent by Christoph in the Ambassadors mailing list.
The FAD room

Mailga POV

Gerold, Christoph, Jiri, Fabian, Jens, Robert and Gianluca are very interesting and competent people and being with them, listening their discussions, is a source of pride for me.
Unfortunately my English is very bad, so I listened silently their speeches, preferring to talk only if necessary.
Besides I'm that kind of people that must think a lot about all the things, so I can't have anything to say immediately. 

FAD is a important event where attendees can meet and know in person.

The arguments were the basic of the Ambassador activities and in the FAD everyone can share their own idea. In this kind of event the ideas are everything, is here that the Ambassador will set the goal for his next future.

I don't think that the Ambassador must have a hidden life, the Project needs  each one shows his own activity to others, we must understand it in Italy as well.

Outside the window
Everyone of us can learn something new when the ideas are shared.

I recommend to all to be more present in the future to let us know the goal they have.

I learned a lot in this FAD.

A special thanks to Gerold.


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